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Món ngon mỗi ngày - Đậu hũ nhồi xốt me

Tofu is a vegetarian stuffing familiar, harmonious with the sweet and sour tamarind sauce, the taste of tofu combined with other raw vegetables will help your family have a delicious vegetarian meal.


Ingredients :


2 pieces of fried tofu

2M fungus

1M mushrooms

2M boat noodles

1 cup tamarind juice

30g peanuts

3 plant cilantro coriander

1 pepper horns

1M chopped peppers

1 piece of boaro

Salt, pepper, sugar, flour, cooking oil




Recipes :



– Mushrooms cat, mushrooms soaked blooming, cut fiber. Submarine bun soft, short cut.

– Acts boaro cut small. Cilantro chopped coriander. Horn peppers cut. Tofu cut, remove some gut inside to separate.

– Mix the tofu with gut fungus, mushrooms, noodles ship, cilantro coriander, 2M flour, 2/3m seasoning salt, ½ m MSG Aji-no-moto and little pepper. Stuffing on each piece of tofu.

2. perform

– Africa fragrance Issue boaro, add 1 cup water and 1 cup of me, 2/3m seasoning salt, 2/3 cup sugar, 1 m Lisa sauce, bring to boil then simmered tofu in tamarind water simmer until slightly compared is.

3. how to use

For the tofu dish, sprinkle roasted peanuts, chopped peppers and leaves boaro. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Video Guide :




Món ngon mỗi ngày - Gà cuộn xôi xoài

Vietnamese chicken with sticky rice are familiar street food but with a new variation of western style will take this dish to new heights, as hot appetizers or party snacks in between the meals.


Ingredients :


Chicken: 2

Liver Pate: 2M

Spinach to: 4 leaves

Thin carrot cells: 8 slices

Sticky rice: 1 cup

Siamese coconut: 1 left

8mm square cut mango: ½ cup

Onion hash: 1M

Salt, pepper, five tastes flavor, oil

County wedge Ajingon




Recipes :



– Boneless chicken leg, leaving the femoral head garlic, sliced ​​less meat inside bring minced, horizontal departed number, dam thin, marinated 1m particles wedge Ajingon, 1/2M onion, 1/4m five tastes flavor, 1m sauce LISA and 1/4m pepper, to permeate.

– Mix the mango with sticky rice 1M mayonnaise Aji-mayo. Mix the chopped chicken with 2M liver pate and salt.

– Spinach, carrot block, drain. Coconut water tight.

2. Bench and turn chicken

– Roll chicken in order from outside to inside are: chicken, pate, carrots, spinach and mango sticky rice, use the lanyard, providing steam for about 15 minutes.

– Africa fragrant onion, coconut water on to win gold and matching, chicken roll back the pan until the chicken cooked, colored outer wings break off the kitchen.

3. how to use

– Roll the chicken chunks, put a fork, add water upward, hot.

Video instructions on how to do :

Món ngon mỗi ngày - Su hào xào hải sản

Kohlrabi is vegetables fried crispy and sweet, so when combined with other types of seafood will have a delicious, attractive and suitable for family summer meal, guaranteed to bring a sense of luxurypleasure, cool.


200g ground shrimp
50g squid
200g kohlrabi
30g carrots
1 egg
Scallions, cilantro coriander
2M garlic minced
Salt, pepper, vegetable oil
County wedge

Recipes :

1.Pre-processing :

– Peeled shrimp, leaving the tail. Squid slices to taste. Shrimp marinated squid with 1/3m seeded wedge Aji-good, one little pepper, 2m hash garlic, 1/2M mayonnaise Aji-mayo, to absorb.
– Kohlrabi, carrots skin cells, sliced ​​thin 1-2mm. Scallions, cilantro coriander cut 2cm.
– Eggs disperse, wedge one little pepper, mayonnaise 1M Aji-mayo, beaten.

2. sauté :

– Africa aroma of minced garlic, fried seafood, pour plate, kohlrabi, carrots stir-fry, 1/2m seasoning seeds taste delicious Aji-, 1/4m salt, add 2M water, stir until kohlrabi nine to, for seafood, stir and then the eggs, stir until eggs are done, add the scallions, cilantro coriander, turn off the stove.

3. how to use :

For kohlrabi fried seafood plate, sprinkle pepper. Serve hot with rice.

Small Tip :

Choose kohlrabi “wheel”, young fresh leaf slightly concave.
Fried eggs cooked egg must then stick on the surface of vegetables and seafood, making delicious food.

See Video :